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Othex Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage provides auto transport deductible coverage to individuals as well as brokers that ship vehicles across the Contiguous United States. Othex Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage is managed and underwritten by Othex Corp.

Othex Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage is not insurance. It compliments the insurance provided by carriers when shipping a customer’s vehicle. It provides deductible coverage which in the event that a carrier or it’s insurance fail to pay for damages, will pay for damages in case of minor damage, or a customer’s personal insurance deductible should major damage occur.

Othex Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage is sold to individuals or brokers that ship vehicles through broker organizations that are registered Agents of Othex Corp. No organization is authorized to sell the Othex Zero Deductible Coverage products unless an authorized banner is displayed on the company website and agency status is active. Othex Corp is fully liable and accountable for all claims resulting from damages as covered by the Othex Corp, and subject to the Othex Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage terms and conditions.

Areas of coverage:

  1. Compensation of Minor Damage Detected Within 48 Hours After Vehicle Delivery
  2. Personal Insurance Deductible Reimbursement
  3. Payment Cancellation Coverage
  4. Lost or Damaged Key Reimbursement
  5. Car Rental Reimbursement

Shipping Your Vehicle?

- We Have you Covered!

What is Zero Deductible Coverage?

Under normal circumstances, all vehicles are covered by a carrier’s insurance, but there are exceptions. Anything that causes damage or loss while a vehicle is in transit that is not due to the carrier’s error or negligence is NOT covered. If the damage is minor and is less than the insurance deductible, the person whose vehicle is being shipped will have to bear the cost.
A delivery may also be delayed. That may be costly, requiring vehicle rental. Othex Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage addresses areas including: Major Damage, Minor Damage, Car Rental Reimbursement, and Lost/Stolen/Damaged Key Reimbursement.

Why do I need Deductible Coverage?

You can never be sure that your vehicle will be shipped without damage. There is a calculated risk that the carrier or its insurance may fail to pay for a claim. Should a vehicle carrier’s insurance fail to pay or should a carrier have difficulty settling an insurance claim, you will then have no choice but to use your personal vehicle insurance, which requires most customers to pay a deductible.
Othex Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage is the best car shipping protection product in the United States for transporting your vehicle. Othex Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage will compensate for out of pocket costs should damage occur where a carrier’s insurance fails to pay. It offers total assurance and peace of mind. No car should be shipped without it.
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