Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage*


Coverage Options

Othex Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage for vehicle shipping protection can be purchased through your auto transportation broker only if your broker is a registered Othex agent. Othex Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage can neither be sold directly by carriers, nor can it be purchased personally by customers.  If your broker is not a registered agent they can not offer this product.

Silver Coverage (SC)

Silver Coverage provides customers with the following:

  • Major Damage Coverage should a carrier or it’s insurance fail to compensate for damages. It compliments personal insurance.
  • Minor Damage Coverage should damage be detected within 48 hours after delivery
  • Lost/Stolen/Damaged Key Coverage
  • Car Rental Coverage should extreme delays occur in the shipment process

Payment Cancellation Coverage (PCC)

Payment Cancellation Coverage provides customers with the following: 

Reimbursement of deposit costs should a shipment need to be cancelled AFTER DISPATCH BUT PRIOR TO PICK UP due to unforeseen and/or extreme circumstances

Gold Coverage (GC)

Includes both Silver Coverage (SC) and Payment Cancellation Coverage (PCC).